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First Time Visitors

We have had great participation with this website. More than 2/3 of our living classmates have joined and participate. It's almost like our own private little Facebook that no one else can get into. We're not going to be satisfied at 2/3. The people listed on this page have not joined. We honestly have lost all contact with some of these. Others we have talked to and asked to join, some several times, and they just don't seem to get around to it. If you know any of these people - CALL 'EM! If you see them at the store - REMIND 'EM TO SIGN UP!

All they have to do is pull up the website, click "JOIN HERE" and it will bring them to this page where they will click on thier name and follow directions. If they don't have Internet access, Get me their contact information and I can work around that. If you have any info on anyone on this page (in a nursng home, in jail, anything...) send that information to me too. Thanks, Larry (just click Contact Us on the menu above to send me a message).